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 Did you see my newest YouTube video yet? Check it out, a photo slide show of cute pictures of Bodhi, to go along with my 'Bodhicitta' song. Click here to view it!


Are you interested in taking music lessons?

Learning proper technique and acquiring the skills of a talented musician and performer is only part of the journey. The increase in confidence and self esteem that comes from the study of music is priceless. It is more than believing in your own abilities; it is believing that you have something to share with the world. Click on 'Music Lessons' from the menu to learn more about taking lessons in my studio.


Have you ever been to a house concert?

House concerts are for true music lovers. They are wonderfully intimate settings for listening to live music.  Please find more information about house concerts on the left sidebar of the page when you scroll down.  



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Host a House Concert

If you LOVE live music, and have a room that can fit 15-25 seats, then you should definitely host a house concert!

It is a wonderful way to enjoy live music - in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your favorite friends.

 The cost is minimal to the host when you ask your guests for a suggested donation amount.

 Music lovers really appreciate the house concert format because of the intimate setting, the chance to interact with the performer, and the ease of listening with none of the background noise that you encounter in cafés and clubs.

 The options are many! Some hosts plan a ‘Dessert and Song’ evening where the guests enjoy sweet treats before the concert or during the intermission. Others prefer a wine and cheese event to accompany the performance.

 I would love to talk with you about hosting a house concert. Please call me 484-529-5958 or email me jenniferkathleen@comcast.net with your questions. I won’t pressure you to book a concert. We can just chat about the format and the possibilities.